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ARANJ Advocates Responsible Automotive Recycling Through Legislative, Environmental & Consumer Affairs

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Auto Recyclers Play a Vital Role in Environmental Protection & Our Local Economy. Support Your Local ARANJ Members

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Whether You are an Automotive Recycler or an Automotive Consumer, ARANJ Represents Excellence in Automotive Recycling!

Growing & Protecting New Jersey's Automotive Recycling Industry is Vital to Our Members, Local Consumers & the Environment!

ARANJ provides educational information to our members, to various legislative, executive, administrative and regulatory bodies and also to the motoring public relating to the automotive salvage and recycling industry. Without a unified voice representing the auto recycling industry the local economy, consumers as well as our environment would be see adverse effects. Do your part to help, join ARANJ today!

Promoting Industry Growth

Automotive Recycling is vital to the world economy as well as the health of our environment. Our purpose at ARANJ is to promote, protect and advance our industry so that consumers, recyclers as well as legislatures truly understand how important it is to maintain a healthy and successful auto recycling industry. We encourage you to share in the many benefits of ARANJ by supporting our cause. Our economy and environment depend on it!

Advocating Fair Legislation

ARANJ plays a major role in protecting fair trade within the Automotive Recycling Industry for both auto recyclers and consumers. We work tirelessly to educate and guide legislatures on facts while clarifying negative or misleading information. Monitoring and guiding legislation is vital to the survival of the auto recycling industry and the many benefits that it offers. Do your part to help… join ARANJ today!

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Protecting Our Environment

The US Auto Recycling Industry is a world leader in helping to save Earth's natural resources! At ARANJ we provide local members with vital information to not only maximize profits but also the most effective means of protecting our environment and natural resources. We offer a forum for members to learn about techniques, the latest technologies and equipment to keep our environment safe and clean.

Consumer Affairs

There are many misconceptions and much misinformation about the automotive recycling industry. The truth is without the critical role that each ARANJ member plays in recycling, our way of life as well as the world would be much different. ARANJ plays a critical role in helping to guide and educate consumers on the true value of supporting local automotive recycling in New Jersey!

Letter from the President

Thank you for your interest in the Automotive Reyclers Association of New Jersey and for visiting our Website. Our goal as an association is to advocate for the auto recycling industry in the state of New Jersey. As the economic and environmental laws in the state and across the country expand, it is more important than ever that we have a voice in Trenton and beyond to ensure that as an industry serving the vital interest of local businesses, consumers and environmental concerns, we are treated fairly..... Read Full Letter Rodney Krawczyk - ARANJ President